Why Don’t My Dentures Fit?

Jamie J. Alexander on April 13, 2016

Why doesn’t my denture fit anymore?

The primary reason dentures lose their proper fit is because jawbone density and volume decrease as we age. This resorption occurs more rapidly wherever there is inadequate direct bone stimulation due to the loss of teeth, or more specifically tooth roots. This decrease in bone volume and associated changes in the size and shape of the overlying gum tissue have caused your denture to no longer fit as it once did.

This looser denture fit can make it more difficult to eat and speak, even with denture adhesive. You may be experiencing physical discomfort, limiting your food choices, and suffering from a lack of social confidence. You don’t have to live with these frustrations. Often, a denture can be repaired and relined to fit. In some cases, a new denture may be the best treatment.

If your denture has lost its proper fit, it can be relined and repaired

Partial dentures supported by clasps on adjacent teeth and even bridgework supported by crowns may need to be refitted due to bone loss. One of the first signs you may observe is a small gap forming between the portion of the bridge that spans the gap and your gum tissue.

Proper denture care and repair, refitting or replacement are essential to maintaining oral health. One option for replacement may be a denture supported by dental implants, which will provide longer term greater health benefits. Dr. Jamie J. Alexander of Boynton Beach is happy to evaluate your mouth and denture, explain your options, and help you find the solution that is right for you.