Why Dental Veneers?

Jamie J. Alexander on June 2, 2016

What Are the Advantages of Dental Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are a conservative (minimal preparation) treatment to correct for many cosmetic flaws. They also provide health benefits for some patients by strengthening the teeth. They are less expensive than dental crowns and often longer lasting. They can be used to cover small cracks and chips in teeth, mask internal discoloration that bleaching treatments cannot remove, repair worn or eroded teeth, add proportion to small or irregularly shaped teeth, and close minor gaps between teeth.

Porcelain veneer treatment can be accomplished in a couple of visits in a matter of a few weeks, with the proper preparation and planning. The porcelain can be color matched to your existing teeth, or to a completely new shade choice. It’s reflectivity and translucence are like that of natural healthy dental enamel. Aesthetically, they are better than dental bonding to cover tooth surfaces. They preserve more natural tooth structure than dental crown preparations.

Porcelain veneer treatment can repair a lifetime of damage in a couple of visits | Call (561) 732-8877 to find out more.

When dental veneers are placed by an expert in both occlusion (bite alignment) and cosmetic restorative dentistry, they can last the rest of your life with proper care. Talk to Dr. Jamie J. Alexander in Boynton Beach, Florida, to learn if porcelain dental veneers are an appropriate option for your oral health condition and to meet your cosmetic and oral health goals.