What’s the Rush When it Comes to Getting a Dental Treatment?

Jamie J. Alexander on November 4, 2019

Patients may wonder if they really need treatment now. They may ask themselves, “What’s the rush?” That’s one thing my Boynton Beach patients don’t have to ask. If I think treatment will be easier and less costly if done now, I will tell you why. If delaying treatment will raise your risk of a greater problem, I will tell you why I think this and what I think the timetable for advanced issues will be.

What’s the Rush? Do I Really Need Dental Treatment Now?

You may be interested to know that I often think, “What’s the rush?” when my patients want immediate results. One of the benefits of seeking the services of a private practice dentist is that many of us move cautiously and carefully in diagnosing the root problems of dental issues and designing restorative and cosmetic treatment that will be best for you. Count me in that camp. I focus on what is best for my patients. I stop and study what will be the treatment plan that ensures success and the longest lasting best results for each individual patient.

I also consider whether I am the best clinician to perform every step of treatment. If a specialist, such as an oral surgeon, endodontist, or periodontist can perform a needed procedure better than I can because of extra years of training for that procedure and years of doing many hundreds of those procedures, well, of course, I want the specialist to do that specific procedure. Collaborating with a specialist may take a bit longer for the specialist’s diagnostic workup and scheduling of treatment, but when there is something significant at risk, “What’s the rush?”

Here’s an example. FDA data shows that there were over 100,000 reported dental implant problems in 2018. Most of these problems involved osseointegration failures. Do you think I should take some courses and try my hand at doing bone grafting and implant placement because implant treatment has become the highest standard of care for missing teeth? I don’t think I should.

I am in study clubs with specialists here in the Boynton Beach and Delray Beach area. I respect their extra years of training in their specialties and the special technology they use. These are the clinicians who can minimize the risk of osseointegration failure. I want my patients to be in their care for implant-related surgical procedures and for phases of osseointegration to be as long as they need to be for perfect results.

Dental Treatment from Dr. Alexander DDS

When I discuss implant treatment with my patients, they often say, “But that will take months.” Yes, but in a matter of a few months, the rewards will be great. This is the most lifelike, stable and strong treatment available today. And, I know the right specialists for collaborating with us for successful implant treatment. I know them well.

Get White Teeth for Life!

The bottom line is that at “Jamie J. Alexander, DDS,” we really care about what is best for our patients. You don’t have to worry about, “What’s the rush?” We won’t proceed with treatment until you are ready and until I am sure it is appropriate for you. This doesn’t mean there won’t be treatment options and that I will insist on only one path. Often there are other options. We will, however, have conversations about everything you need to consider. You will be fully informed, not hurried, and if you want to rush treatment that shouldn’t be rushed, we will have a heart to heart conversation about why I think it shouldn’t be rushed.