What’s happening to young moms?

Jamie J. Alexander on July 14, 2015

Another trend I have been noticing is a direct result of today’s hectic, busy lifestyle. Moms tend to put their own health care last.

Likely due to my age, I have many young families in my practice. I have observed that most young moms are diligent about their dental visits and oral hygiene during pregnancy. I think this is the direct result of the education of moms to be about “what to expect while expecting”. Most learn about the importance of avoiding pregnancy gingivitis, as it can be harmful to the unborn child. Most also have heard that gingivitis can flare up during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

Why Do Moms’ Dental Hygienes Decline?

Once moms are caring for infants and toddlers, they are so busy and so focused on their children’s well being that they delay regular visits for their own teeth cleaning and check-ups. When moms of infants and toddlers do come in, I commonly see their oral health has lapsed. I am also seeing a tremendous increase in the number of cavities these patients have. Why?

It seems they are grabbing easy snacks and preprocessed foods that are not the healthiest options. They also report they are too tired to brush and floss as regularly as they used to. Some have given up on flossing and head for the pillow.

Taking Care of Your Dental Health

I know firsthand that, as a busy parent, there seems to never be enough time for everything we should do. Please try to make routine dental cleanings, checkups and x-rays a priority. Please try to floss daily and brush at least twice a day. These proactive steps can prevent avoidable dental procedures and certainly unneeded expenses. And, certainly a healthier you is better all around for your family!