What Will Be The Cost of My Dental Care?

Jamie J. Alexander on May 7, 2015

Many patients worry about the cost of dentistry. From my experience, it’s the majority.

What Will My Dental Care Cost?

Some dental service providers advertise fees on the Internet, but these fees are limited to specific procedures and circumstances that may not include the best materials, the most experienced clinicians, and your very specific oral circumstances. When you arrive for a consultation and exam, the treatment plan grows and so do the costs.

Is It All About Money?

Money is only one of the factors that influence the dental consumer. Quality of life, aspirations of health and beauty, long-lasting dentistry, and highest value for the investment are all positive factors. Fear of dental procedure discomfort is a big negative factor, as is fear of not receiving the best value.

Do not be a patient who is hesitant to pursue her or his dreams of a restored smile because you do not know the costs or are concerned you will be unable to afford the entire series of procedures needed.

I cannot stress enough that I want my patients to not be afraid to inquire about costs, affordable “phases” of treatment, and financial payment options. Don’t let financial concerns stand in your way of finding out what is possible for you.

Determining the Cost of Dentistry

You will not know the actual costs until there is a treatment plan detailed with the materials and services involved and consideration of any dental benefits you have. You will be the first person (after me) to know that cost.

You see, it is my job to create a treatment plan that is ethically in your best interest and takes into account your preferences. I plan treatment and review fees with patients, based on their specific needs on a daily basis. You can expect conversing with me about MONEY to be comfortable. I understand you.

So, please, let’s not try to hide “the elephant in the room.” Let’s talk about your needs, the costs of dentistry treatment, and possible phases of treatment on an affordable time schedule, with payment options. I promise to be honest and will strive to make your dentistry affordable but I will not take short cuts when it comes to quality. I stand behind my work and want you to be happy with your dentistry long into the future.

If you decide you cannot afford all of what you initially seek, for example, an entire smile makeover, I will still be your dentist, working with you to prevent disease and maintain oral health, and helping you work towards achievement of your objectives. I am still the smiling dentist who genuinely cares about you!