Transforming Smiles

The confidence you exude when you smile has a dramatic effect on those around you. Your smile has the power to make you attractive, make someone else happy, and it can actually make you happy!

What a Smile Means to You

We appreciate how important your appearance is to you—and that your smile and eyes are the windows to your inner beauty. When your teeth are healthy, functional when chewing and speaking, and beautiful, your confidence will soar and you will smile like you never have before.

Our job it to help you have and maintain the dental care you desire in order to smile confidently. After addressing any active disease in your mouth, such as cavities and gum disease, we can collaborate on an affordable plan to give you the beautiful, youthful smile you crave!

Oral Health And Smoking Cessation

We’ll also help you understand the correlations between lifestyle habits and your health. In addition to dentistry, Dr. Alexander has expertise in smoking cessation, alcohol and drug recovery, nutrition, and stress management. If you are taking medications or undergoing chemotherapy, he can help you manage the effects these may be having on your oral health.