The Benefits of Dental Technology

Jamie J. Alexander on April 16, 2015

The latest in digital imaging technology has made it possible for dentists to screen for potential diseases, make detailed records, clearly show patients the condition of their mouth, and perform dental procedures with greater precision, comfort, and efficiency than ever before.

Implementing Dental Technology

Dentistry keeps advancing, and with the advances, there is “the right” time in dental technology’s development and tested reliability to integrate it into everyday practice.

At Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, we were early adaptors in bringing on several high-tech tools.

  • Intraoral Cameras have allowed us to take pictures inside your mouth and show you our findings—even magnify the images. Our patients don’t have to look in the mirror to “try to see” what the dentist is pointing out.
  • Digital Photography has allowed us to make very fine and detailed professional quality photographs. We use these to track subtle changes, not always detected on X-rays, as well as to facilitate discussions with you about your oral health and smile.
  • Digital X-rays provide highly detailed, low radiation images to help us check your tooth and gum health. We can immediately see and show you the images on the computer monitor next to the dental chair.
  • Panorex Digital X-Rays are highly detailed, low-radiation panoramic images that allow Dr. Alexander to see all of the teeth and jaws at once. In addition to your teeth and roots, he is able to see your entire upper and lower jawbones and joints, the nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone, and the mandibular nerve, which provides sensations to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw.
  • Air Abrasion is an innovative replacement of the traditional dental drill and allows Dr. Alexander to conserve more of your natural tooth structure and reduce enamel micro-fractures when removing dental caries and preparing teeth for fillings, crowns and other restorations.
  • Dental Lasers are ideal for minor periodontal procedures, for example, the laser light can be used to eliminate bacteria and help restore healthy gum tissue. At a higher frequency, laser light can be used to cut gum tissue, and Dr. Alexander uses this tool when reshaping gum contours around teeth for a more esthetic appearance. This technology allows for very predictable, rapid healing and a comfortable experience for our patients.
  • Magnification Loupes (magnifying dental glasses) are worn by Dr. Alexander so what he sees in your mouth is magnified several times. With these glasses, he can make diagnoses and do dental procedures with extraordinary accuracy, and in this way do the most conservative dentistry with highly predictable results.

Our laboratory technicians are using high tech tools, too!

Dr. Alexander has carefully selected the dental technicians who prepare crowns, bridges and dental implant prosthesis for our patients. Our certified lab technicians are using 3D scanning and CAD/CAM milling for accurate precision.

Our digital office employs Smile Reminder

With the Smile Reminder service, we send our patients appointment reminders via text or e-mail. Not only can our patients easily confirm their appointments with a touch or click, they also can add the appointment to their electronic calendar. If an appointment needs to be changed, they can easily let us know through Smile Reminder email or text messaging. Future applications of this service will allow our patients to view their account information and track personal and insurance payments.