Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

Jamie J. Alexander on April 18, 2016

Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual one?

Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. says yes!

There’s a good reason you’re seeing more power toothbrushes at pharmacies and supermarkets. While not all people prefer an electric toothbrush, more kids and adults are making the switch because their dentists are recommending it!

Studies reported in the the American Journal of Dentistry and the British Journal of Dentistry have resulted in dentists knowing that people who use an electric toothbrush generally have cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

An electric toothbrush exerts 3000 to 7500 brush strokes per minute, and sonic brushes can produce up to 40-thousand strokes. A human generally completes 300 strokes in one minute. So, the number of brush strokes increases 10 to 100 times with power brushes. Although a properly used manual toothbrush has the potential to provide similar oral health results, people tend to brush longer with a power toothbrush than with a manual one, generally for two minutes. Studies tell us that power toothbrushes also clean hard-to-reach teeth more evenly and thoroughly.

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At our Boynton Beach, FL practice, we recommend you make the switch to an electric toothbrush. Dr. Alexander reports, “Our preferred brushes use sonic technology. These work by vibrating at a sonic frequency which helps break up the plaque that is essentially glued to your tooth by a complex matrix called a biofilm.”

Whether you opt for a power or manual toothbrush, even the most effective brushing does not replace flossing. We hope you don’t forget to floss, though, when you make the switch.

Water flossers and air flossers are great tools as well. Vicki our expert hygienist suggests” We have found these high-tech interdental flossers to be very beneficial in improving gum health when combined with manual flossing, because they flush areas that are prone to periodontal disease”.

Tammy continues, “They are very good for patients with an All-on-4 prosthesis because the flushing effectively cleans under the implant overdenture”.