Teeth Whitening—What options are there?

Jamie J. Alexander on July 17, 2013

dr jamie alexander

There are three main criteria I consider when considering if teeth whitening is right for my patients.

dr jamie alexander

  1. What is the existing shade of my patient’s teeth? If my patient’s teeth are already excessively light, we would obviously not expect a dramatic improvement.
  2. Are there stains or discolorations that will be unlikely to easily be removed by whitening? These typically look like dark bands (likely from antibiotics as a child) or white bloches (likely from too much or not enough Flouride).
  3. Are your teeth normally sensitive to cold or when brushing your teeth? The process of whitening can temporarily increase sensitivity on teeth that are not normally sensitive. Therefore if your teeth are already sensitive, the process of whitening may make this worse.
  4. When were your teeth last professionally cleaned? Whitening materials can have problems getting to the surface of your tooth if it is covered in plaque and tartar. Whitening works best if coordinated within days of your dental cleaning.

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