Will I get a Teeth Cleaning During my First Dental Visit?

Jamie J. Alexander on June 3, 2019

When a new patient asks, “Will I get my teeth cleaned at the first visit?” the answer is maybe.

Initial Teeth Cleanings at Our Dental Practice

At our Boynton Beach, Florida dental practice, Dr. Jamie J. Alexander tailors all dental care to the individual. So, when you call, you may let us know that you are due or overdue to have your teeth cleaned and this is important to you. We will certainly prioritize this for you. Dr. Alexander will always make it a priority to meet our new patients, as well as provide a cursory exam and screen your gum health.

Dr. Alexander’s best suggestion is for our new patients to have a comprehensive examination. This allows us to best understand our patient’s dental health, and safely treat our patients.

If you tell us that you would like your teeth cleaned at your first visit, we will schedule you appropriately for an initial comprehensive exam and a dental cleaning. Think of this as a two-hour appointment with enough time to have a thorough exam, recommended x-rays, gum tissue probing, and a “healthy mouth” teeth cleaning.

A Note from Our Doctor About Teeth Cleanings

At our practice, we transform smiles

“We’re going to do our very best if that’s important to you,” says Dr. Alexander. “First, I will make sure that the scheduled time is spent on what is going to be in your best interest. If for example, we discover you are in urgent need of a filling, I will recommend we take care of that on your first visit and schedule you right away for a second appointment to do the type of dental cleaning that is most appropriate for your oral health circumstances.”