Does Teeth Bleaching Make Your Teeth Hurt?

Jamie J. Alexander on October 28, 2019

Does Teeth Bleaching Make Your Teeth Hurt?

Patients who have their teeth bleached in a dental office or do at-home bleaching may run into sensitivity issues. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association indicates that taking over the counter anti-inflammatory or analgesic medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen before bleaching will not prevent or reduce sensitivity.

When tooth enamel is sufficient and teeth are not damaged, tooth sensitivity from bleaching should be mild and last no longer than 48 hours. If you are in a lot of pain or pain does not go away, you should call your dentist. If you have a diagnosable and treatable dental condition, you will glad you sought clinical help promptly.

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If you have been reluctant to whiten your teeth because you have experienced tooth sensitivity but want a whiter, brighter smile, Dr. Jamie J. Alexander of Boynton Beach, FL, has a variety of methods to successfully manage cosmetic solutions for sensitive teeth, including controlled whitening, composite bonding, and veneers. Together, we can find a solution that comfortably gives you the dazzling smile you desire.