88% of Patients Are Now Returning to the Dentist

Jamie J. Alexander on April 21, 2021

Are you wondering, “should I go to the dentist”? In February 2021, the ADA News reported on a survey conducted by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute during the week of January 18, 2021. Consumer confidence in returning to the dental office hit a new high with 88% of respondents reporting that they have already been back or are ready to go back to the dentist.

Should I Go Back to The Dentist?

“The pandemic did disrupt the lives of everyone, and it took a while for us as a nation to gather the medical intelligence needed to reduce risk of exposure and feel safe in dental offices,” says Jamie J. Alexander, DDS. “I haven’t surveyed my own patients, but I estimate less than 12% have a level of anxiety that prevents them from seeking the care they need. In our Boyton Beach, FL practice, we strive to communicate well and have an equal relationship between dentist and patient and hygienist and patient. We strive to eliminate two prime causes of dental anxiety — feeling vulnerable and out of control.”

Going Back to the Dentist With Confidence

Now that Florida’s residents are receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, there is reduced concern in general and patients are scheduling their dental appointments with more confidence. “We’re still taking safety precautions and my dental team and I have been vaccinated,” says Dr. Alexander. “We take pride in providing the best of care while taking time to get to know our patients and personally address their concerns.”