Dental Dentures and Partial Dentures Dental dentures were the original dental makeover, and there is no reason today for removable dentures and partial dentures to feel and look perfect. We enjoy work... Read more

Hybrid Dentures (“All-on-4 Treatment”)

Dr. Jamie Alexander of Boynton Beach, FL takes pride in customizing the highest quality dentures. Today, there are treatment options that include implant supported dentures for better-than-ever functi... Read more

Dental Implant

The only choice for missing teeth used to be removable and fixed dental bridges or removable dentures. Today, the dental implant process and therapy provide a better alternative in nearly all situatio... Read more

Dental Bridges

Are you missing a tooth? What about several teeth? If that’s the case, then we have a solution for you: our dental bridge procedure. It’s a procedure that joins artificial teeth to implant... Read more