Scared of the Dentist?

Jamie J. Alexander on January 26, 2015

Let’s face it. No one loves to go to the dentist. But if you are scared of the dentist and it is holding you back from having the healthy mouth and confident smile you deserve, read on!

You are not alone, and the good news is that your fear can be managed AND overcome. You just need the right dentist, environment, and support to help you get over it. I know people well. I am in the people business as much as I am in the “tooth business” (if not more so). And, I know you don’t want to experience a lifetime of compromised health, discomfort, fear – and even feelings of guilt about not going to the dentist.

Patients that are scared of the dentist often wait until they have dental problems before they are motivated to visit our office. Because these problems are typically the result of having left a small problem progress for an extended period of time, the dental condition is usually more involved and complex to resolve. The people who need an easy dental visit the most, are thus the ones who typically have more problems to treat when they do see the dentist. It’s a cycle, we can help break if you allow us the opportunity to provide you with comfortable care.

We have successfully helped many patients that come to our office having taken “an extended break” from dentistry… many people who have feelings of high anxiety. Whether their feelings originated in a childhood experience or more recently, we know the feelings our patients have are real.

What do we do to help?

We listen. It is important for us to explore what exactly caused the negative experiences to occur in the past. We don’t repeat history. We take measures to not have this happen again. Because no two patient’s experiences are the same, so we truly are interested in hearing your personal story and learning about you.

We take our time. In our office, our patients have our undivided attention. We explain as much or as little about the procedure as you desire. We answer all of your questions. We want to hear your concerns. We do not want you to be surprised.

We make sure you know and feel you are in control. You are in control of your oral health choices. You have choices and personal responsibilities when it comes to your oral health. We are here to help you achieve health, comfort and attractive appearance. We will recommend only treatment options that are in your best interest, and we will fully inform you… but, and we will not pressure you to accept treatment before you are ready to choose that treatment.

We are gentle and genuinely caring. During any dental procedure, we build in times to stop, allow you to rest, and make sure you are comfortable. Our environment is peaceful, private and safe. Our attention is focused on you. If you are under a doctor’s care currently or taking medications, we will learn about your larger health picture and even speak with your doctor so we can support the therapies in place.

We will manage pain anxiety, as well as prevent pain. Pain is at the root of many bad dental experiences. We will take appropriate measures to minimize pain. Sometime patients interpret pressure as pain “about to happen”. We are experts at explaining what we are doing and what you can expect down to the sensory level and its duration so you can relax and not anticipate pain.

Is there something, I have not covered here? Talk to me about your fears.

We are here to listen and help you. This is WHY we are in the business of oral health care. We want to help people have healthier, higher quality lives.