Removal & Replacement of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Jamie J. Alexander on May 20, 2022

Dr. Jamie Alexander in Boynton Beach, Florida fills dental cavities with tooth-colored composite resin. Prior to the availability of composite resin in the 1960s, dentists filled cavities with silver amalgam. Some patients continued to prefer this material after the arrival of the tooth-colored material because silver amalgam is a lower-cost filling material, highly malleable, and durable for up to 15 years or more.

“Today, dentists and patients prefer composite fillings because of the composite’s natural appearance, durability, and safety,” says Dr. Alexander. “A composite filling’s lifespan depends on the location in the mouth, oral hygiene habits, diet, whether you brux your teeth at night, and functional occlusal forces that put wear and tear on teeth as you bite, grind, and chew.”

Dr. Alexander continues, “Although there is concern about the health risks of micro amounts of mercury vapors escaping from silver amalgam over time, the FDA and American Dental Association maintain the health risks are minimal. And amalgam health risk concerns are not what patients typically ask about. They do frequently ask if they can have their silver fillings removed and replaced with dental composite for cosmetic reasons. And honestly, replacing silver fillings can make a dramatic difference in their smile, making their smile look much more youthful.”

Common Reasons Why Older Amalgam Fillings Are Removed

  • Some people have healthy teeth and choose to change their smile to a dazzling appearance. Replacing the silver restores their filled teeth to a pristine white.
  • Some older fillings have leaks around the margins or break over time. They require removal and are replaced to prevent decay-causing bacteria from getting into crevices and to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth.
  • A large filling may weaken a tooth’s structure and make the tooth susceptible to breakage. When cracks appear, removing the old filling, prepping the tooth for a crown, and then crowning the tooth can save the tooth from totally breaking apart. 
  • Some people have dental problems and need to restore multiple teeth to health and full, comfortable function. During the restoration of multiple teeth, Dr. Alexander can make additional cosmetic improvements, including silver amalgam replacement, to complete a comprehensive smile makeover.

Why Choose Dr. Jamie Alexander for Dental Restorations and Smile Improvements in Boynton Beach

Regardless of your reasons for considering the replacement of silver amalgam fillings, it makes sense to get advice from an experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist who can achieve the best health, functional, and cosmetic results.

For best results — Dr. Jamie Alexander will expertly, safely remove your older fillings and replace them with a composite that is color shade-matched to blend with your teeth. He will expertly shape the composite to preserve or improve your occlusion (bite).

For best advice — Whatever your oral health concerns or cosmetic dentistry desires, visiting a comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry dentist, like Dr. Alexander, is the best way to learn what is possible for your specific oral health circumstances and smile.

For personalized care — Our Boynton Beach dental practice is known for personalized dentistry. We spend time with our patients getting to know them as people, discovering with them the health of their teeth, gums, other oral tissues, jaw joints, and muscles; evaluating their tooth alignment and bite; discussing their cosmetic concerns and answering questions about their oral health. It is from this foundation we can discuss together what you would like to achieve, and Dr. Alexander will point out what is possible and the most efficient and cost-effective ways to go about treatment.

For trust — Dental patients today are both sophisticated in their knowledge about dentistry and in seeking a greater depth of understanding. We recognize that understanding Why and How are important to you. We know you want to be fully informed. That’s why your comprehensive oral exam findings will be fully explained and treatment will be carefully explained and planned with you taking part. You will be fully informed about the cost of treatment and available financing before you make decisions you know are right for you.

For immediate appointments — If you live in the Boynton Beach, FL area and want to rejuvenate your oral health and smile, we invite you to give us a call. We’ll strive to see you soon, at a time that is best for you.

For compassion — We hope our gentle, compassionate approach and genuine concern for you as a person will be obvious from the moment you call.