Recovering from Dental Implant Complications

Jamie J. Alexander on August 13, 2015

Implants allow a single missing tooth to be replaced with a fixed restoration without restoring adjacent teeth. Implants also allow fully edentulous and partially edentulous patients to be restored with fixed restorations. Due to the improved function provided by implants, an implant supported overdenture has become the standard of care over a full denture. With the predictability of All-on-4 retention of hybrid dentures, edentulous patients are now enjoying the benefits of fixed restorations on both jaws. Despite this, dental implant complications still occur, and clinicians and patients alike should be concerned about the avoidance of complications.

Minimizing Implant Complications

The good news is that over the last decade, improved implant technology and bone preparation techniques have made it possible to minimize dental implant complications and to ensure optimal results. Retreatment of failed implants and correction of complications can be accomplished by experts.

I carefully consider multiple factors when planning implant treatment so possible complications are anticipated and treatment is planned to minimize their occurrence. I also provide comprehensive oral rehabilitation for patients who have had complications or failed implants. I provide this dental implant therapy in collaboration with an expert implant surgeon who performs the surgical procedures. We plan treatment together to make sure dental implant treatment is right for you, your bone tissue is adequate, the correct type of implant and components are used, the placement is optimal, osseointegration fully occurs, and the prosthetic restoration supported by that implant is ideal for your mouth. You are carefully monitored and receive compassionate care.

We Can Help You Recover!

If you have had a failed implant or suffered from complications and don’t know where to turn for help, I invite you to reach out to me. I accept new patients and am passionate about restoring full oral function to those who have problems. Many of my patients will attest that you can recover from implant complications. Sometimes implants need to be removed and alternative restorative treatment performed. Other times, conditions can be treated and implants saved. Sometimes rehabilitation of the whole mouth—as a system, leads to harmonious function of all the teeth, including an implant supported artificial tooth or multi-unit bridge. Each individual’s situation is a unique puzzle to be solved but can be. So, hold out hope and call for a consultation.