Protect Teeth All-Year Round

Jamie J. Alexander on May 12, 2016

In Honor of April’s National Facial Protection Month, Dr. Alexander Reminds His Patients and Their Children to Protect Themselves

This past month, dentists across the US and five of the nation’s top dental associations, including the Academy of Sports Dentistry and American Dental Association, endeavored to remind everyone to wear a properly fitted sports mouth guard during recreational sports activities.

Annually, Dr. Alexander puts out this reminder to his adult patients to protect themselves and not just their children. Mouth guards protect teeth, tongue and lips from serious, painful injuries. They also prevent injuries to the periodontal bone and gum tissues that support the teeth—and the jaw joints.

Any individual or family who has suffered through a knocked out or broken tooth, or a trip to the emergency room for sutures due to an accidental impact will tell you just how frightening, painful, and costly this can be.

Custom fabricated mouth guards protect teeth, tongue and lips from serious, painful injuries.

At Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., in Boynton Beach, we encourage our patients to use “Boil and Bite”, over-the-counter mouth guards. Dr. Alexander’s preferred mouth guard is Under Armour UA ArmourBite® available at most sports equipment stores.

Should you or your child not find these comfortable we encourage you to consider having a custom mouth guard fabricated in our office. Having a custom fit mouth guard made in our office fits precisely thus significantly increases comfort and improves consistent wear.

In the case of children and teens, don’t rely on last year’s mouth guard. Even baby teeth need to be protected and maintained in healthy condition until it is time for them to naturally fall out. If you or your child already have a mouth guard, Dr. Alexander can quickly check its fit and appropriateness for each new season of the year. If your son or daughter is in orthodontics, the orthodontist can make an optimal mouth guard to be worn over their orthodontic appliances.

To schedule a custom mouth guard fabrication for yourself or your family member at our Boynton Beach office, call us today at (561) 732-8877