Pregnancy and Teeth Cleaning

Jamie J. Alexander on September 8, 2016

Teeth cleaning is a pregnancy priority!

Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, in Boynton Beach, is a family dentist, who takes special care of pregnant patients. You may not know this but many pregnant women experience some form of gum disease during their pregnancy. Studies indicate that 60 to 75 percent of pregnant women develop mild periodontal disease during the second trimester. Research studies also have linked gum disease, especially chronic gum disease, to an increased risk of early delivery and low birth weight, even in the absence of other risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, and metabolic disease and obesity.

Studies indicate that 60 to 75 percent of women develop periodontal disease during the second trimester of their pregnancy

Increased hormones make the gum tissue of pregnant women more sensitive to irritants. Because the gum irritation is caused by bacterial plaque, viruses and food debris at the base of teeth along and under the gum line, you need to make sure you get your teeth professionally cleaned. In our office, the hygienist and Dr. Alexander will take extra special gentle care of your sensitive gums.

Note: Some pregnant women have an exaggerated response to gum irritants and develop one or more non-cancerous growths in their gum tissue. They can happen quickly and be a total surprise because you’ve never experienced this before. If you notice any hyperplasia of your gum tissue (or any abnormal gum appearance or sensitivity, for that matter), please give us a call so you can receive early treatment that is minimal.