Periodontal Health & Dental Implant Osseointegration

Jamie J. Alexander on December 10, 2015

Dr. Jamie Alexander is dedicated to improving your oral health and making sure your dental restorations last as long as possible. When recommending dental implant treatment, he also makes sure your gum and bone tissue are healthy enough for successful osseointegration and long-lasting biting and chewing function.

What is the Importance of Periodontal Health for Dental Implants?

Healthy bone tissue is required for osseointegration of the dental implant with the jawbone. This is the process of bone tissue growing around the implant and the implant becoming integrated with it. Successful osseointegration creates a strong foundation for the prosthetic tooth or bridge that is to be placed on the implant. Bacterial and viral oral inflammation contributes to slow and incomplete osseointegration. Bacterial and viral oral inflammation also can complicate gum tissue healing and make it more difficult to achieve the most aesthetic results.

Many patients must be treated for advanced inflammation of the gum tissue (periodontitis) in order to get oral bacteria under control. If you have active dental decay in your mouth, these teeth must also be treated to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria. Other risk factors for poor osseointegration and gum tissue healing include smoking, diabetes, and certain other medical conditions.

Dr.Alexander collaborates with preferred dental implant surgeons to make sure his patients are thoroughly evaluated and found to be good candidates for dental implants before dental implant surgery. He and his team can evaluate your specific oral health circumstances and recommend the most appropriate treatment to improve your periodontal health prior to implants.

Our office provides the full range of nonsurgical treatment for periodontitis if you have gum disease. Surgical treatment for advanced periodontitis and restoration of bone and gum tissues is highly effective should you need this. To learn more about dental implants, your periodontal health, and what is specifically possible for you, contact us today.