One Patient At A Time

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment - Boynton Beach Dentist - Dr. AlexanderHave you ever been to an office where your dentist has your undivided attention? Doctors are in too much of a hurry these days, but we promise to take care of everyone. It’s part of our main philosophy here at Dr. Jamie Alexander DDS, PA: “one patient at a time!

We Take the Time You Need

Double-booking appointments, running late for scheduled appointments, and “running around” all short-change what is most important; taking the time to listen to our patients concerns, and thoroughly planning and treating patients comfortably.

We Listen To Our Patients

Dr. Alexander evaluates, plans, and performs treatment with a personalized approach. We realize that each patient is a unique individual that deserve a customized plan to address their own goals and concerns. Dr. Alexander takes the time to ask about these concerns. And more importantly, he listens. All our patients are served in individual treatment rooms where privacy is respected.