Nicotine Addiction Myths and Facts

Jamie J. Alexander on November 30, 2016

Learn the Myths and Facts about Nicotine Addiction

Many of the dental patients at my practice in Boynton Beach, FL, unfortunately, have a nicotine addiction. Their smoking or chewing tobacco habits get in the way of whole body wellness, and exacerbate dental and oral hygiene problems.

More unfortunately, smoking and other forms of nicotine use can be difficult to stop. Because quitting puts the body into a state of nicotine withdrawal, and leaves behind emotional attachments and “triggers”, quitting can be a grueling process and relapse is fairly common.

You may also have the added pressure of being surrounded by people who don’t think you have to quit, and who are smoking next to you on work breaks and after meals. However, given everything that has been published about smoking, at this point you do know the health risks, so isn’t it time you loved yourself enough to challenge yourself to quit?

Recently, I came across an article online that I would like to share. The title of it is “Recovery from Nicotine Addiction: Myths vs. Facts.” Read the article and keep in mind:

  1. It is never too late to quit. Your body starts healing as soon as you do, and the sooner you stop the less damage your body will have to recover from.
  2. You cannot lapse and have “just one” cigarette. If you do, you will reignite those old cravings for nicotine.
  3. Like any addiction, relapse never happens without warning signs. Once you get past the physical dependency, it’s the emotional attachment that keeps you thinking about picking back up again. Be mindful, and eliminate counterproductive thoughts and feelings as soon as they arise.
  4. The more days that pass since your last cigarette, the stronger you will become.
  5. You deserve better health — and you are worth it.

Smoking (and other forms of nicotine addiction) can compound existing oral health problems and that may mean more trips to the dentist for frequent teeth cleaning, restorations, cosmetic repair, and treatment for periodontitis (gum disease).

My job as a doctor is to help you become healthy and stay healthy. If you or someone you know needs help recovering from a nicotine addiction, and wants to ultimately have a restored beautiful smile, please give my office a call at (561) 732-8877. My staff and I would love to help you achieve your health goals.