The New Patient Experience

Here at the office of Dr. Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, PA, the new patient experience is second to none! We offer free consultation visits for patients who are new to our practice. If you would like one, please indicate that you heard of this offer from our website.

Our Commitment to the Best New Patient Experience

Dr. Alexander and his team provide quality, comprehensive dentistry in a patient-centered and friendly environment. Our purpose is to provide the best quality of dental care to our patients, who we consider our “family of friends.” With care and understanding, we strive to deliver this treatment as gently as possible. We want to help you achieve excellent oral health and a lifetime of smiles with natural teeth. We take the utmost pride in our profession, and we want you to exhibit that same pride in your smile!

We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere of trust, respect, warmth and friendship between all team members and you.

As a new patient, you will be given an initial appointment that makes time for you to talk about your oral health history, concerns and objectives. We also include an interactive and comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, jaws, the soft tissue of your mouth, and your chewing muscles.

Depending on your circumstances, this examination may include making recommended diagnostic records such as radiographs, impressions and photos. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable, and we invite you to speak freely with us about your concerns, feelings, and needs. Your observations and opinions are an important part of your oral health evaluation.

If you are in need of urgent care, we will immediately address your needs and may defer portions of the comprehensive examination to a subsequent visit depending on the time available and care received.

Your Oral Health And Cosmetic Dentistry

Taking all of the time needed to get to know you and understand your current oral health conditions helps us plan appropriately to meet your long term goals and objectives. Each patient is served on an individual basis with plenty of time for treatment and discussion at each visit. This way, we lay the groundwork for a comfortable, professional and personal relationship!

Our objective is to improve your oral health, function and comfort while meeting your cosmetic dentistry objectives. At the same time, we strive to minimize the amount of dental care that you will need over your lifetime. This can be accomplished with completing a comprehensive exam, having a detailed master plan and arresting dental disease at the first sign of problems.

This course of action proves to be both the least invasive and least costly kind of dentistry over the long run. With it, you will achieve predictable, natural-looking, long-term solutions!

Note: We are available 24-7 for emergency care. For more information, please call our office at 561.732.8877.