Lifetime Teeth

life_teethDentistry has had many advances in the past 50 years. In only one generation, patients have gone from losing some or several teeth to keeping their teeth for a lifetime! Dental procedures in our hands are long lasting. More than that, they you can retain lifetime teeth without almost any pain!

Our Patients Keep Their Teeth

We feel that proper diagnosis and preventative treatment can help our dental patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. In our office, diagnosis combines a thorough examination, interactive discussion about our patient’s wants and concerns, and careful planning to re-establish or maintain oral health.

Our Collaborative Commitment

Patients have a voice in our professional relationship. Dr. Alexander develops a plan based on clinical findings and present options, which encourage you to take up a lifetime plan for oral health. Our patients control and direct this plan and pace for their care. It is this collaboration that improves our patients’ ability to achieve the most optimal oral health!