Do You Know what Type of Dental Implant you Have?

Jamie J. Alexander on February 21, 2017

Do You Know What Type of Dental Implant you Have?

There are many manufacturers of dental implants and types of dental implant systems. You may have heard a brand name mentioned but not really know what is specifically in your mouth. Ask and make a record of it. This is very good information to know and keep a record of.

The oral surgeon, periodontist, or surgically trained implant dentist who placed your implant is likely to keep your records for 7 to 10 years. Sometimes, however, the clinician moves or retires and records can be lost.

Dr. Jamie Alexander makes a habit of securing this information for his patients’ records. When he refers a patient to an oral surgeon for implant placement, he wants to keep a record of the implant brand name and information about the system of components used to restore the missing tooth or teeth. This can be helpful in future years if oral health circumstances change and new restorative work should be done.

We are much better at dentistry than detective work. When records are not available it is can be a daunting process to properly identify and treat dental implants when that information is not known.

If you had an implant placed before becoming a patient in our Boynton Beach office, we encourage you to contact the clinician who placed your implant and make a request to have information about the implant be sent to our office. It is our pleasure to help with that. Just speak to our administrative team.

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