Implant-Supported Dentures in Boynton Beach, FL

Jamie J. Alexander on January 27, 2022

Rejuvenate your smile and eat the foods you love with implant-supported dentures.

“Patients who require a full-arch denture are discovering the benefits of implant treatment,” says dentist Dr. Jamie J. Alexander of Boyton Beach, FL. “If you are unhappy with your current conventional prosthesis or you are in need of a new denture, you can have affordable implant treatment that will support a beautiful-appearing denture that is more stable and comfortable.”

What is an implant-supported denture?

Implant-supported dentures are the middle ground of cost between conventional removable, full-arch dentures that use adhesive and the more expensive dental implant treatment commonly known and advertised as “All-on-4,” “All-on-4-or-More,” or “Teeth in a Day” treatment.

An implant-supported denture snaps on and off a minimal number of implants. This means that cleaning the denture and your mouth is easy. Because of its significantly greater stability, you can bite into fruit, raw vegetables, steaks, and corn on the cob, as well as chew your food fully. Your denture will not slip out of place! And “There’s no more messy adhesives,” exclaim happy patients who have made this choice.

There are several benefits.

In addition to significantly increased stability for biting, chewing, drinking, and speaking, an implant-supported denture is less bulky and does not cover the roof of the mouth. With an implant-supported denture you have more space for the tongue and the ability to better taste food. An implant-supported denture is sturdier and lasts longer than a conventional denture. And this type of denture helps preserve gum and bone tissue, thus helping maintain the shape of your jaw.

“Patients are grateful they can upgrade to this new type of denture, rather than live with the instability of a conventional denture,” says Dr. Jamie Alexander. “Anyone who is dissatisfied with the comfort, function, or appearance of their current denture is a candidate for this treatment. Not only is an implant-supported denture durable and will last, but it is also highly comfortable and functions more like natural teeth. You will gain confidence to fully chew, speak, and smile without concern that your denture will slip out of place. It is an affordable option that looks natural.”

Just how affordable is this treatment?

Implant-supported denture treatment is customized for each patient so the cost of treatment varies. Affecting cost are the number of implants required, the type and quality of the implants, lab fees associated with crafting the denture, any needed preparatory procedures such bone enhancement, and whether you choose sedation.

When there is sufficient bone density an implant-supported denture can be supported by as few as four implants. But if you do not have sufficient bone density to support a large implant, then a greater number of smaller implants (sometimes called “mini-implants”) are a possibility.

In Florida, the cost of a conventional denture is usually between $1,900 to $2,550. The cost of an implant-supported denture is usually between $7,000 to $11,500. And the cost of an All-on-4 implant-fixed denture can be $30,000 to $50,000.

Dr. Jamie Alexander and an implant surgeon he recommends will fully evaluate your needs, make recommendations that take into consideration your concerns and budget, and then estimate your costs prior to you accepting treatment. They will also offer an affordable payment plan through CareCredit or another healthcare lender.

You are invited to schedule a complimentary implant-supported denture consultation.

“This type of decision requires a high level of trust, so plenty of time is scheduled to answer your questions,” says Dr. Alexander.
At the initial implant-supported denture consultation, Dr. Jamie J. Alexander will examine your oral health circumstances, show you implant-supported denture models, and discuss treatment options. If this is your first visit to his office, he will spend extra time getting to know you

Dr. Jamie Alexander collaborates with local dental implant surgeons because he believes it is in your best interest to have oral surgery performed by an expert who has placed thousands of implants and can offer moderate IV sedation. This ensures the greatest level of comfort and precision for the best treatment experience and results.

He also partners with dental lab technicians who are known for their expertise in creating the highest quality and most natural-appearing dentures. The appearance and fit of your denture will be custom prescribed by Dr. Alexander for optimal fit, function, and smile aesthetics.

No matter what your age, achieving a natural-appearing, beautiful smile is priceless for self-esteem and confidently socializing with others. Discuss implant-supported denture treatment with Dr. Jamie J. Alexander, a Boynton Beach dentist who believes you deserve the finest care and best results.