I’m not a pediatric dentist but…

Jamie J. Alexander on June 15, 2015

…I Can Offer Pediatric Dental Services

I do love children and teens, and will be happy to provide dental services for the children of my adult patients.

Did you know that some of my patients are as young as 2 years old? We care about the health of all of our dental family members, and we will give all of them our total best care.

You can count on us for your child’s oral health!

I know parents have special concerns for their children. I’m a parent and I do, too. Establishing trust is important. I and my team are familiar with the oral health of children from early childhood through the their teenage years. When you bring your children or teens here, you will soon find you can relax and they will be happy.

We know how to work with kids at each state of development and gently perform needed dental procedures. We will always spend time with you, updating you about your child’s oral health, answering your questions and helping you help your children establish healthy habits to preserve their smiles for life.

Do you think your child would like to go to the same dentist you go to?
Summer is an excellent time to schedule a check-up, teeth cleaning and any needed dentistry.

Here are the primary services we provide for our families’ youngsters and teens:

  • Twice yearly diagnostic and preventative dentistry–cleanings and oral exams, fluoride treatments, and protective sealants
  • Orthodontic screening checks for the proper time to consult an orthodontist
  • Tracking and monitoring the eruption of primary (baby) teeth, as well as adult teeth.
  • Any needed fillings and other dental restorations, including cosmetic repairs
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Tooth extractions in coordination with orthodontic care
  • Twice yearly orthodontic evaluation starting at age 7 and referral to an orthodontist at the appropriate time
  • Oral health, hygiene and nutritional advice