Health-Centered Dentistry in a Happy Place

Jamie J. Alexander on September 17, 2021

I just read an article in one of the dental trade journals – Dentistry Today. The author is Dr. Maggie Augustyn who practices general dentistry in Elmhurst, IL and the title of the article is Living Authentically in the Field of Dentistry. In her essay, she reminds dentists that “living authentically, gently, and beautifully untangles life, allowing joy to follow and kindness to spill out.”
To live authentically, we can’t be caught up in comparing ourselves to what others do. We need to live according to our own mission, purpose, and passion.

Nearly 20 years ago now, I was so impressed by the philosophy of dental practice taught at The Pankey Institute for advanced dental education that I earnestly set about defining my own mission, purpose, and passion, and it has carried me thus far on a road to giving every dental patient my utmost attention to their needs and concerns. I’m not in business to make the “biggest bucks” or generate more income month over month. That’s not my game. My ultimate purpose is to help those who want to restore and maintain optimal comprehensive health do so. And I do that through a comprehensive, health-centered approach to dentistry.

Improving smile esthetics is part of all the restorative dental work I do, but the foundation of my dental work is to achieve lasting comfort, function, and health. Helping as many people as we can in our Boynton Beach dental practice is part of our mission but balancing that with the time needed to give each person our best is mission-critical.

Balancing work life with personal life is important to us as well. It is essential for stress reduction, rejuvenation, and total health. In our dental practice team, we encourage each other to live balanced, healthy lives. And towards that end, we intentionally support each other and shower each other and our patients with sunshine and compassion.
If you value oral health…if you hope to find a happy dental office that will care about you as a unique individual and spend time understanding your dental history, concerns, needs, and dreams, give us a call. We strive to be that place!

~ Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, Boynton Beach, FL