Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Jamie J. Alexander on May 4, 2016

No one likes hearing it, but sometimes a tooth extraction is the only option.

Many times, Boynton Beach patients seek the care of Jamie Alexander, D.D.S. because they have suffered trauma to a tooth or are experiencing severe dental pain. If a tooth has been severely cracked or broken, been traumatized by a blow, undergone substantial tooth decay, become abscessed, or become loose due to advanced periodontal disease, removal (i.e. a tooth extraction) may be the only option to restore comfort and health.

Dr. Alexander spends personal time with patients doing a thorough examination of their circumstances, educating them about their needs and options, and compassionately guiding them in making the most appropriate choices for tooth removal and dental restoration. Today, patients have a choice of dental implant restoration or traditional crown and bridge treatment when a single tooth is lost. When multiple teeth are lost, there are denture alternatives including implant supported options.

The idea of having a tooth extracted can stir up anxiety in some people, but with gentle care and powerful local anesthetic, the procedure is over in a matter of minutes. Most patients are relieved to know they are on the road to a healthy mouth and more beautiful smile.