Do I Have Soft Teeth?

Jamie J. Alexander on April 5, 2016

I been told I have soft teeth. Is there such a thing?

Some people do have slightly less mineralization in their their dental enamel, making the enamel less hard. However, fluoride treatment can help strengthen these surfaces making them harder. According to Dr. Jamie Alexander, “The new pro-enamel toothpastes are also very effective in making the enamel surface less porous and thus less plaque retentive. As in the case of fluoride treatment, these toothpastes help return minerals to the molecular structure of teeth.”

At Jamie Alexander, DDS, in Boynton Beach, we can help you remineralize your teeth, reducing tooth sensitivity and risk of dental decay. “Don’t give up,” says Dr. Alexander, “You can always improve your oral health. Let us coach you. We are great motivators for our patients, and treat each person as a unique individual with unique concerns and needs.”