If you struggle with jaw pain, you’re probably looking for some TMJD or TMJ pain relief. What dentist in Boynton Beach has unparalleled experience in TMJ/TMJD treatment and diagnosis? Dr. Jamie Alexander! What dentist has an extensive, commendable post-graduate training in this area, including the completion of a Mini-Residency program at The University of Florida Facial Pain Center. Dr. Jamie Alexander, of course!TMJD/TMJ Pain Relief and Treatment | Boynton Beach Dentist

Dr. Jamie Alexander is the dentist you need if you are suffering from either of these disorders. He has the experience, the education, the staff, and the comforting care to diagnose your disorder and give you the TMJD/TMJ pain relief treatment you need!

About the Disorder: TMJ Pain Relief

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, otherwise known as TMJD, is a general term that encompasses pain and dysfunction in some form of the muscles that are responsible for moving your jaw.

The most significant symptom of this condition is pain, although difficult/noisy jaw movement can also accompany it. If you suffer from headaches, earaches, tenderness of the jaw muscles, or dull, aching facial pain, these signs and symptoms may point to TMJD.

TMJ disorders can have a variety of causes, but they most typically occur when the teeth do not come together evenly, and when they interfere with the chewing muscles and jaw joints working smoothly.

There’s no need to suffer from pain caused by this condition or to experience worsening dental health as the result of letting it go untreated for too long. You can get TMJ pain relief today. There are several treatment methods available, and many of them are non-invasive.

Treatment is Available

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to call for a consultation. Leaving this condition untreated can lead to long-term oral health problems. However, TMJ/TMJD treatment can in many cases be non-invasive while still remaining effective.

Dr. Alexander will prescribe an individualized treatment sequence just for you, and you can look forward to a more comfortable, healthier future. Become a healthier, happier dental patient when you call our office today!

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