Here at the office of Dr. Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, PA,we utilize the latest advances in dental technology — including our technologically superb digital dental radiography, otherwise known as x-rays.Digital Dental Radiography (X-Rays) | Boynton Beach Dentist


We believe that x-rays are an important tool to properly diagnose many dental diseases and that only the finest tools can get the job done!


Advantages of Digital Dental Radiography

What are the benefits of using our superior x-rays? In comparison to the film x-rays of yesteryear, there are quite a few:

  • Up to 90% less radiation exposure
  • Allow for easy patient education and discussion on our digital monitors
  • Allow for easy electronic communication with other dental specialists and dental insurance companies
  • Environmentally friendly, producing no chemical or lead waste
  • Quicker dental appointments because films do not need to be “developed”

The Best Practices in Dental Radiography

We understand that many patients prefer to minimize their exposure to radiation. We are sensitive to this, and our recommendations are based on their individual risk

Our recommendations are in line with the American Dental Association guidelines and recommendations of best practices. We always take great precaution when exposing our patients to dental x-rays. We always use a highly protective shield covering your upper body including a special shield for the sensitive areas of the neck with a thyroid collar.

In order to best protect our patients from the potential side effects of dental radiography, we only use this technology when we feel it will benefit our patients. Early detection of dental issues is an important part of high-quality care, so we use x-ray technology to identify any problems that need to be corrected, while still taking great care to protect our patients.

If you need safe, superb x-ray examination on your teeth and mouth, there’s one Boynton Beach dentist that has the care and the technical expertise to do it: Dr. Jamie Alexander! Learn more about our digital dental radiographs or schedule an appointment with us when you call 561-732-8877!

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