Dental Dentures and Partial Dentures

Removable and Partial Dental Dentures | Boynton Beach DentistDental dentures were the original dental makeover, and there is no reason today for removable dentures and partial dentures to feel and look perfect. We enjoy working with removable solutions, and take great pride in this treatment for our patients.

Today’s materials and techniques help make it almost impossible for the people to tell the difference between dentures and natural teeth.Removable and Partial Dental Dentures | Boynton Beach Dentist

Dr. Alexander has completed numerous successful partial, full and implant-secured dentures. Each final result has proven to be predictable, natural, and long lasting, with a custom comfortable fit.

Our objective is clear. We always want our prosthetics to:

  1. Comfortable to wear
  2. Provide a functional bite when chewing
  3. Allow you to speak naturally
  4. Enhance your smile

Removable and Partial Dental Dentures | Boynton Beach DentistExplore your options. Dentures that are secured with one or more dental implants are more stable and long lasting than removable ones. They are easier to maintain and are very secure.

Please contact us for more information on full dental dentures, partial dentures, as well as one’s implant secured.

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