When your tooth has dental caries (a.k.a. a “cavity”) that needs to be addressed, Dr. Alexander exclusively uses tooth-colored composite resin. When your old silver-mercury fillings need replacement or if you desire replacement for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Alexander will carefully remove the old fillings and use the composite resin in their place. All of this is done at our mercury-free dental care center.Mercury-Free Dental Care Center | Boynton Beach Dentist

We are a Mercury-Free Practice

With mercury-free resin, Dr. Alexander not mimics natural tooth coloration. Not only does it look good, but it also increases the strength of a weakened tooth.

We are one of the only mercury-free practices in the beautiful city of Boynton Beach, and our mercury-free philosophy is prevalent throughout our office.

If a tooth is injured and the remaining tooth structure is too weak for a filling, Dr. Alexander will recommend a crown for the ideal tooth restoration.

…The Best Mercury-Free Dental Care Center

Tooth-colored resin materials are very technique sensitive. It is critical that these are placed precisely and carefully.

Dr. Alexander has extensive training, using the latest materials and methods. On top, our practice is one of the most affordable in Boynton Beach! What more could you ask for?

Learn more about our practice and our mercury-free techniques, or schedule an appointment, by calling 561-732-8877 today!

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