What to do about Dental Problems While Out of Town?

Jamie J. Alexander on February 25, 2017

Dental Problems While Out of Town?

If you are a patient of Dr. Jamie Alexander, here is the ideal thing you should do if you are out of town and have dental problems.

Call here first. Explain what is troubling you. Dr. Jamie Alexander has colleagues throughout North America and parts of Europe that he knows well from the continuing education programs and dental meetings he attends. He may be able to refer you personally to a dentist he knows and rapidly help that dentist get up to speed on your oral health circumstances. We’ll be happy to share your dental records.

This benefits you because when there is a personal relationship, you are likely to get an appointment right away with a dentist who is like Dr. Alexander when it comes to comprehensive quality care, taking time with patients, and caring for patients as special individuals.

If Dr. Alexander does not know a dentist personally in the location where you are, he can help you identify some good options on the Web for you to call, and we can even do some calling for you. If you find a dentist and make an appointment on your own, give us a call to let us know who it is so we can make contact. Ideally, the dentist you will see has an initial phone conversation with Dr. Alexander before you arrive and they will follow your care together.

Yes, we get busy in our practice…BUT we are never too busy to help our patients. We strive to develop excellent, helpful relationships with ALL of the dentists our patients see when they are out of town.