Do you Need a Dental Implant or Bridge?

Jamie J. Alexander on December 3, 2018

“One missing tooth or two adjacent teeth are often by replaced with crown and bridge treatment, but more and more Boynton Beach patients are electing to have implant treatment,” says Dr. Jamie J. Alexander. “A single missing tooth can be replaced with a crown supported by an implant. Two or more missing adjacent teeth can be replaced with a multi-unit bridge supported by an implant. And, there are compelling reasons why this may be preferable to the more traditional crown and bridge treatment. I like to explain all the options to my patients and have an honest discussion about the relative advantages and costs involved.”

Reasons Why Patients Opt for Implant Treatment.

1. In the case of an implant, healthy teeth will not need to be modified to support a bridge with crowns. You will replace your missing tooth or teeth without compromising healthy teeth.
2. Your implant treatment is likely to be a one-time treatment. Implant restorations are highly successful and last indefinitely, usually the rest of your life if you maintain excellent oral hygiene. Crown and bridge treatment may need replacement over the years.
3. An implant supported crown or bridge is the most lifelike treatment with the greatest functional strength, stability, and natural beauty.
4. The implant will stimulate bone growth and maintain your jawbone volume and density.
5. If you are replacing a single tooth now and one or more adjacent teeth are at risk for future restoration, the one implant post you receive now can be used to support a multi-tooth prosthesis in later.

“Patients want to speed ahead with replacement of lost teeth for cosmetic reasons, but there are additional reasons why it’s beneficial to make decision sooner than later,” says Dr. Alexander, “so, if you are thinking about replacing one or more missing teeth, give me a call and let’s get you scheduled for a consultation. The sooner you fill the gap, the less opportunity other teeth will have to drift into the open space, and the greater your chewing function will be. In the case of an implant, the sooner you proceed, the more bone density you will preserve. Helping others is what I love about dentistry. Let me help you make dental decisions that are right for you.”