How We Work with Your Dentist Back Home

Jamie J. Alexander on February 28, 2017

How We Work with Your Dental Doctor Back Home

Many of our patients live here seasonally or visit Boynton Beach often and have more than one dental doctor. We hang our hat on developing genuine and respectful relationships with patients and their dentists back home.

When you have a dental need in Boynton Beach, give us a call. We will schedule you promptly, spend time getting to know you on your first visit, and address your immediate concerns. Dr. Jamie Alexander will contact your hometown dentist to discuss your oral health circumstances, share records, and collaboratively discuss treatment for your circumstances.

We want you and your hometown dentist to trust the care we provide and understand the respect we have for the relationship you have with your other dentist. We also want to be as informed as possible about your dental history, your present health, and any treatment that has been planned and, perhaps, started by your hometown dentist. This way, you will receive the best of care in our office. We will be able to discuss what treatment should be done now in agreement with your hometown dentist, and you can make informed treatment decisions with confidence.

We treat every patient who comes here as if they will be our patient for life. Who knows? Perhaps you will be. You’ll just have more than one dentist.