Dental Care and Diabetes

Jamie J. Alexander on June 8, 2016

What You Need to Know About Dental Care and Diabetes

Diabetes and periodontitis are both inflammatory conditions. If you have both, they are chronic conditions that affect each other. When you have high blood sugar, it is more difficult for your body to fight periodontal infection, and when you have chronic periodontal infection, periodontitis changes the action of insulin on glucose resulting in insulin resistance and high blood sugar. Research has also confirmed that when periodontal disease is treated and kept under control, it is easier for diabetic patients to keep blood sugar in balance.

Both dentists and physicians recommend treating periodontitis and other minor gum diseases to prevent complications associated with diabetes. Preventive oral health measures are a priority at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. We are comprehensive in approach to oral health and systemic wellness. Dr. Alexander will advise you personally about the frequency of oral health care he recommends for your specific oral history and diabetic condition. Regular teeth cleanings may need to be more frequent, and treatment of gum inflammation should be especially prompt and thorough. Home dental care habits may need to be improved.

Diabetes and Periodontitis are both inflammatory conditions that can exacerbate each other

If you have one more risk factors for diabetes, make sure your oral health does not increase your risk even more. Don’t delay professional dental cleanings, exams, and any recommended treatment. Feel free to ask Dr. Alexander and your hygienist Vicki or Tammy any questions you have by calling us today at (561) 732-8877.