Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry

Jamie J. Alexander on February 19, 2019

Cosmetic dentistry is now part of everyday treatment because fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures can be routinely and predictably made to look like natural teeth. Great strides in dental materials and methods have enabled dentists to take cosmetic dentistry to the next level with dental implant treatment and whole smile makeovers.

Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida are fortunate to have local dentist, Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., who takes pride in delivering exquisite predictable results. Through The Pankey Institute, Dr. Jamie J. Alexander is exceptionally well trained in dental aesthetics, smile design, use of the best materials, and restorative treatment planning and methods. He carefully plans treatment to ensure your treatment achieves the results you desire in the most conservative and comfortable way.

The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry are a result of not only the latest dental materials and methods but also patients’ growing understanding that investment in their oral health and smile will be life transforming.

Replacement of Old Dental Restorations

One top trend in cosmetic dental treatment is an increase in patients asking to have their older amalgam and gold fillings replaced with toothlike composite or porcelain inlays, and to have their aging crowns replaced with pristine porcelain crowns. The new restorations not only look better but are more durable than the original ones.

Another top trend is replacement of removable dentures with dentures designed to be supported on dental implants. Today’s dentures are more lifelike in appearance, and the stability provided by implants enables patients to eat, smile and speak with normal function and confidence.

Dental Implant Treatment Instead of Crown and Bridge Treatment

In the past, when one or more adjacent teeth were lost, crown and bridge treatment was the norm. Today, more patients choose implant treatment because of its many benefits,-primarily least impact on adjacent teeth, strong stability for biting function, optimal natural appearance, and durability. An implant can be topped with a prosthetic tooth or multi-tooth prosthesis that is likely to last the rest of your life and will look most like a natural tooth surrounded by healthy gum tissue when you smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

More and more patients are accepting a series of treatments to restore health, comfort, function and beauty. Full mouth reconstruction is a niche in which few dentists truly excel because treatment is complex, requiring expertise in treatment planning and many treatment techniques. If you have multiple oral health issues or have been told you need a lot of treatment, Dr. Jamie J. Alexander, is an ideal dentist to see for a complimentary consultation.

While examining you and consulting with you about solutions to your health and cosmetic problems, you will learn about the diagnostic steps and types of treatments Dr. Alexander would recommend for your unique set of oral health circumstance. You’ll also learn about the order in which these treatments could be phased, the results that would be achieved, and options for affording treatment.

Note that full mouth restoration might require primary treatment to correct functional problems with your bite and treatment to improve gum health, in addition to replacing missing teeth, preserving damaged or diseased teeth, and correcting cosmetic flaws.

Dr. Alexander understands it takes time to consider and plan for whole mouth restoration. His preference is to gently inform and help patients understand the benefits to be gained, treatment options, and what to expect should they elect to have treatment. He knows that, in time, fully informed patients will make the decisions that are most appropriate for themselves.   

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If you know you need or have been told you need extensive dentistry… if you are unhappy with your smile… the first step is to reach out to Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. and request a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals, He will gladly help you understand your oral health situation and inform you about dental treatment to meet your goals.