Come to Us for Peaceful Dental Experiences

Jamie J. Alexander on September 28, 2017

Many patients feel stressed when they contemplate making an appointment with the dentist, and this feeling can increase in the days leading up to the appointment. Good stress in your life is short-term and motivates you to accomplish certain things. Chronic stress that leaves you feeling constantly pressured is exhausting–physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some patients, this exhaustion mounts to the point of canceling their dental appointment.

How much better it would be if you didn’t worry about dentistry to begin with!

Until you recover from stress exhaustion, your immune system, digestive system, blood pressure, and in fact, all organs of your body are unable to return the normal. They are out of balance. Your mental acuity suffers, you are irritable, and inflammation in your body flares. This inflammation can trigger and always fuels inflammatory disease in the body… heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer. It can even contribute to adverse pregnancy outcomes. Untreated stress increases inflammation in the mouth (evidenced by gum inflammation and bleeding).

How can you best stay in control and focus on your health as priority number one? As you consider that deeply personal question and your personal options, help us understand how we can best help you eliminate the stress of dentistry and move forward.

Dr. Jamie Alexander of Boynton Beach and his entire team work hard to make you feel comfortable, in control, and experiencing dentistry at you own pace. Private consultations… conversations before exams and other procedures… appointments scheduled with enough duration to allow you to take breaks and converse with us about what you are thinking and feeling… and giving patient’s time to sort through their options and decide how they want to move forward are all part of the “patient” patient-centered dentistry we practice.

Our facilities are a particularly private and peaceful place. Many patients find once sitting down in our chair, they can finally sit back, take a deep breath and relax.

Mindfulness techniques help in preparing yourself for a dental visit and for staying relaxed in the dental chair. Your goal is to accept what you need to accept and to change what you can control. In other words, your goal is to accept that you need regular dental care and may need treatment procedures to improve your oral health situation. You can control how you perceive that experience.

  1. Envision a fully healthy you… in mind and body… with a confident radiant smile.
  2. Redirect thoughts from negative ones back to positive ones. You might need to think of the worst-case scenario and envision yourself moving through it. Obsessing about pressures and problems only wears you out more and doesn’t allow the brain to recover and come up with solutions to problems. Trust Dr. Alexander and his compassionate dental team to be able to help you find solutions. When it comes to dental health and smile recovery, Dr. Alexander will have the answers.
  3. While in the dental chair, many patients find it helpful to listen to music and focus on their breathing.
  4. Others, envision floating on water or petting their dogs.
  5. As you relax, we will take things slow and make sure you are part of the process and comfortable.

There are multiple ways we can make you feel more comfortable and at peace with dental experiences. One of the first ways is to “tip toe” into dental care by scheduling an initial visit that is just for conversation and to get to know us. From there, you decide whether you would like Jamie Alexander, D.D.S., to examine you. During the initial consultation. you will be encouraged to share all your concerns and worries. Let’s talk about them and the ways we can address these concerns. This way, we can alleviate anxiety and prevent unnecessary stress, before you even commit to an appointment in the dental chair. And, hopefully, you will look forward to achieving your oral health and smile appearance goals. We look forward to meeting you!