Choosing Your Dental Floss

Jamie J. Alexander on August 25, 2016

What type of dental floss is right for you?

The first thing is to select a dental floss with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. Nylon dental floss has many strands of nylon that can tear or shred so many patients choose a more expensive single filament floss that slides easily in tight spaces and rarely shreds. Both types of floss work well so it is a matter of preference. Nylon floss is available in waxed and unwaxed form. You’ll likely settle on one after trying waxed, unwaxed, and single filament.


Dental Floss vs. Water Flossing

You may also want to try floss picks, interdental brushes, a water flosser, or the new Phillips Sonicare AirFloss. Proper use of water and air flossing tools has been demonstrated to clean teeth and gum tissue significantly more thoroughly and faster than manual flossing. Water flossing tools have been in use for many years, and Dr. Jamie Alexander, who serves the greater Boynton Beach & Delray Beach area, has observed that those patients who use this technology have improved their gum health through habitual use.