A Few Changes We’ve Made to Our Dental Practice to Better Keep You Safe

Jamie J. Alexander on June 8, 2020

We are all about health at Dr. Jamie J. Alexander’s dental practice in Boynton Beach, Florida. We know that COVID-19 has made everyone scrutinize the ways they may be exposed to the microscopic virus. Dental patients who may have assumed safety measures were in place prior to COVID19, now are highly interested in what their dental office is doing to keep them safe at the highest level. 

Some COVID19 Precautions We’re Making

Although dentists have always been good at infection control and dental offices have had to meet strict infection control standards, all dental practices are stepping up their game to protect themselves and their patients. We are no exception.

On top of prescreening patients to make sure they are not exhibiting known signs of COVID19 and to make sure they have not recently traveled or been in contact with someone who has or has been exposed to before coming in for an appointment, we are taking your forehead temperature upon arrival and asking you to sanitize your hands. One of the other changes you will notice is that we are having every patient swish their mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with Listerine and two parts water prior to any dental procedure.

When you swish and gargle with the hydrogen peroxide solution, you are killing the microscopic bacteria and viruses currently in your mouth. Because every patient is doing this, we are helping eliminate the COVID19 virus that might become airborne from patients’ mouths during dental procedures. We are doing this in combination with the distancing of patients, new personal protection equipment, and frequent sterilization of common areas of the office.

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