Brushing and Dental Implants

Jamie J. Alexander on March 25, 2016

Do I need to brush my dental implants?

As part of our ongoing series at the practice of Dr. Jamie J. Alexander, DDS, PA in Boynton Beach, “Common Concerns”

Even though dental implants and the prosthetic restorations attached to them cannot develop cavities, you still need to brush and floss them.

Bacteria feed on the carbohydrates left behind when you eat and drink. Sticky plaque containing the bacteria can develop at the base of your prosthetic teeth, and if left on your dental implants for an extended period of time, your gum tissue will become inflamed. This gingivitis can advance to peri-implantitis, an infection around dental implants, which can lead to destruction of bone tissue around your implants.

Gum attachment to implants is different than to natural tooth roots. Plaque can travel to the dental implant connection at the jawbone easier than it can with natural roots. Ineffective cleaning around dental implant is one of the reasons implants fail. It is the number one reason that can be controlled by patients.

Let us help you with personalized hygiene instructions and motivation

When you come in to our Boynton Beach practice for regular hygiene appointments, Dr. Alexander, will carefully examine the gum tissue around your implants. Our expert dental hygienists Vicki and Tammy will also evaluate and thoroughly clean away developing plaque. Any necessary treatment and improvements in oral hygiene will be recommended.

Dental implants can last the rest of your life if properly cared for. Let us help you with personalized hygiene instructions and motivation. If you are concerned about the health of your gum and bone tissue, give us a call immediately at (561) 732-877. And, don’t delay your regular hygiene appointments.