Announcing Our White Teeth for Life Program

Jamie J. Alexander on October 23, 2015

Because we want our patients to be proud of their smiles, teeth whitening with Dr. Jamie Alexander can save you money and provide a lifetime of results.

We want to reward our loyal patients by providing White Teeth For Life whitening gel free of charge at regularly scheduled hygiene appointments.

Here’s how Dr. Alexander’s White Teeth for Life program works.

You pay for one White Teeth for Life treatment.

  • At-Home Treatment (with custom fit White Teeth for Life trays) We will take impressions of your mouth and supply clinical strength whitening gel for you to wear in your trays for your initial treatment.
  • In-Office Treatment Should you desire a faster result, we offer a fast, safe and effective in-office treatment option. With this option, we also provide custom White Teeth for Life trays for future touch up.

With either option we will help guide your treatment choice, supply you with the appropriate instructions and guidance you need for safe, comfortable and effective results.

Rules to Remain enrolled in White Teeth For Life Program

  • Completing recommended dental treatment diagnosed and planned by Dr. Alexander
  • Returning to our office for your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and checkups on-time, and as prescribed by Dr. Alexander and your hygienist.

We will supply more White Teeth For Life whitening gel free of charge at each hygiene appointment.

This way, you are rewarded for being our loyal patient and you can brighten your smile when you feel you need a touch up!

What if I already have whitening trays from a previous whitening treatment?

Simply coordinate a visit with Dr. Alexander to evaluate the fit and accuracy of your whitening trays. If your trays fit well and are satisfied with the color of your teeth, you are all-set to enter our White Teeth for Life Program!

Call Today & let’s Get Started on Your Whiter, Brighter Smile!

What if a teeth whitening treatment doesn’t remove all stains or solve all my discoloration?

If you have intrinsic discoloration inside a tooth or a stain that cannot be removed, consult with Dr. Alexander about cosmetic treatment options so all of your teeth will match your lighter, brighter shade.

Would you like to get started with Dr. Alexander’s White Teeth for Life program?

Simply call our office to schedule your initial teeth whitening appointment, or talk to us about teeth whitening when you come for an already scheduled appointment.

Call Today, and let’s get started on your whiter, brighter smile.