Affordable Dental Advancements

Jamie J. Alexander on July 20, 2016

New technology is allowing for a more affordable dental experience.

Technological advancements are consistently bringing down the overall cost of dentistry and dental procedures. Every time a new technological improvement allows our office in Boynton Beach to communicate with other offices more efficiently, time is saved. When new technologies increase precision, there is less opportunity for error and less of a need to re-do steps. This applies to data collection, modeling, and the fabrication of custom dental restorations, bite splints, custom teeth whitening trays, and other appliances.

“For example, now that we file digital insurance claims with most major insurance companies, time is saved, and accuracy has been improved,” says Dr. Jamie Alexander of Boynton Beach. “When we make digital x-rays, we rarely have to redo an image. When we send your records and models to one of our preferred dental labs, their digital scanning enables the lab to make a custom restoration for you that precisely fits. It’s rare now when a restoration is tried in and then needs to be remade. All of the specialists I work with for dental implant placement use Cone Beam Tomography to create 3D digital images that allow them to optimally place implants for predictable results.”

New, affordable dental technology results in less expense for patients, and this makes all of us smile!

Improvement and advancements in technology means faster processing of dental benefits, accurate dental restorations and implant placement from the get-go, and therefore fewer, shorter appointments for our patients. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, contact us at (561) 732-8877 to set up an appointment for a comprehensive, affordable dental examination. You may be surprised how painless and streamlined the process has become.