Vicki’s career began by studying dental hygiene at Oakland Community College, located in Royal Oak, Michigan. She graduated with a Degree in Applied Sciences and Dental Hygiene in 1987. Vicki has participated in many continuing education courses at both the University of Michigan, as well as at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry.

Vicki feels, “There is always something to extend my knowledge in the dental field and feel advancing my education and skills are a must”

Although working as a Dental Hygienist is Vicki’s passion, when she is not at work you will find her volunteering with her Husband, Don.

“We dedicate our time helping at many Substance Abuse and AA affiliates, aiding those who suffer from addiction. Dentistry is a big part of their continued recovery. “

Vicki though originally from Michigan, has lived in South Florida for over 20 years. Vicki had lived in Boynton Beach for 15 years, but has recently moved to Delray Beach after her marriage to husband Don, in November 2013. Together they have three wonderful children, Chrissy, and DJ, Vicki’s daughter Brittnee; all young inspiring adults with promising careers.

Vicki shared “I am grateful for my many years as a Dental Hygienist and find working with Dr. Alexander is a blessing. I work hard and eagerly anticipate every day because of the wonderful people I work with. Most of all I do this for my patients who trust in me and my care. Dentistry is truly an art form by which I can bring happiness and a smile to everyone I meet. I love every day in my working career and inspire to care for and educate every person who comes my way.”

“I like helping with my professional abilities and educating people by bring my knowledge to those in need. I have compassion and a gentle hand for all my patients and my volunteer work.”