3 Reasons Why You Want Regular Dental Checkups

Jamie J. Alexander on July 19, 2018

Having a local dentist whom you trust will make it easier for you to maintain a regular schedule of twice-yearly checkups. If you live in the Boynttwice-yearly area, Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. is a local dentist near you. In addition to being nearby, he knows that “Trust Is a Must!” The entire care team spends time with patients, making sure they are comfortable, and their needs are being addressed. We provide quality dentistry and exceptional service in a friendly atmosphere where our attention is focused on you.

The three top reasons why regular dental visits are important

1. Dental problems can be detected early if you see the dentist every six months. By diagnosing problems early, you can avoid damage to your teeth, gum tissue, and even the bone tissue that supports your teeth. Treatment is less involved when problems are caught early. You will spend less time in the dental chair, and treatment will be less costly. If a cavity grows or a gum infection advances, you may experience pain that could have been avoided with early treatment.

A common problem of delaying checkups is the development of cavities. A small cavity is easily treated with a small composite filling, but if left untreated, the enamel erosion will advance, and the cavity will grow. A larger filling can weaken your tooth so that biting and chewing forces eventually fracture the tooth. In the future, you may need a root canal and crown to preserve the tooth.

2. You can be advised of problem areas in your mouth and receive advice for improving home care. Dr. Alexander and our registered oral hygienist will observe areas of your teeth where calculus tends to build up between your dental visits. They will observe spots where gum tissue is inflamed. We will answer your questions and provide suggestions. Perhaps, you will need to:

  • Be more diligent about flossing,
  • Add water flossing to your routine,
  • Convert from a manual toothbrush to an electronic toothbrush, or
  • Have more frequent prophylactic dental cleanings in our office.

Note: It’s very common for patients to have deeper gum pockets around back teeth that are more difficult to thoroughly brush and floss. This is where bacteria can hide, colonize, and erode your dental enamel or set up chronic gum inflammation. It will be exciting to track improvements over time. If improvement does not occur and gum pockets grow from a depth of 4 mm to 5 mm, we will become concerned about your welfare. It’s at the 5 mm level when erosive damage can begin to occur on tooth roots and the supporting periodontal bone, leading to tooth loss. At that point, you will need clinical treatment. Keep in mind that gum disease of any level contributes to inflammation throughout the body, heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases.

3. You’ll have regular opportunity to ask questions you about your mouth. We’ll talk about changes you are observing, the symptoms you are experiencing, and concerns. In conversation, you may determine you have some new goals for your health and smile. Together, we can explore what is possible and inform you well. It’s from this position of knowledge you can make the decisions and plans that are most appropriate for you.

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